The Secrets to selecting the “right” white to paint your home


I too was in your exact position 18 months ago. I desperately wanted to freshen, modernise and make my small home feel more spacious through painting my interior walls white. Though how to choose the right white paint. Through my online research I found that you’re not to grab a flat white, wall & ceiling paint and Bob’s Your Uncle. It’s recommended, you add a tint to your paint to avoid the illusion of being “boxed in”. What does this even mean?

To further confuse the issue I then found there are warm whites (yellow based) and cool whites (blue based) And that every house will show every white differently! Que the painstaking process of selecting a white to reinvigorate my home! Many a paint pot later, I am giving you the quickest and most cost effective process in selecting the “right” white for your home.


  1. Research, research, research! Find what whites you like. Whether it be online with Dulux’s – Most Loved Whites or get to your local Bunnings. They’ll be happy for you to take as many paint swatches as you like.
  2.  Once you’ve narrowed down your favourites. Say top three. Go to the Paint Desk at Bunnings to request a sample pot of your colours (cost will be approximately $5 – $6 for 100 – 250ml depending on which colour you select) *This is a small price to pay considering a 4L tin of paint from a reputable brand starts at around $70.
  3. Test out your sample pots on the area you wish to paint. If you’re painting more than one room of your house test it in every room as different rooms give your paint a different look due to lighting, flooring, furniture etc.


What you’ll need from Bunnings:

Uni-Pro 88mm You Can Do It Synthetic Wall Paint Brush, $14.50

British Paints 250ml White Sample Pot, $5.25

Uni-Pro 85mm Little Ripper Mini Foam Roller Cover And Frame, $6.58

Monarch 100mm Paint Tray, $3.01

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! I’m confident that by following these three simple steps, you’ll make exactly the right white selection for your homes interior!


  1. I am grateful to have read your post. I just move to my house and it is so white that I can’t wait to repaint it. Now, I am going to look at it with new lenses.

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