How to completely transform a ceiling fan with spray paint

Throughout my house I soon discovered the house was riddled with shiny brass ceiling fans. Not sure what era they were installed but they’re outdated and need to go.

Online I found that a new ceiling fan will cost you at the absolute minimum, $60 not to mention the cost of installation by a qualified electrician. Replacing your ceiling fan can quickly become very exxy.

Now I want to show you something pretty amazing. On the right is the ceiling fan I currently have in my Master Bedroom. On the left is the ceiling fan in my Guest Bedroom. Only the ceiling fan in the Guest Bedroom is looking as good as new. And all I needed was spray paint!


If you too have a ceiling fan that needs some love, continue reading.


  1. You will need to protect your flooring and furniture with drop sheets as you can find that when spraying your ceiling fan it can ‘bounce back’!

2. Thoroughly scrub your ceiling fan with a cloth and mix of sugar soap & water. * We want all grease, dust, cob webs, whatevers up there to be completely cleared in order to get the best quality finish.

3. Lightly sand down the ceiling fan with sanding paper, so that the spray paint sticks fast to the surface.

4. This is a little painful but repeat STEP 1 again to rid any debrie from sanding.

5. Apply spray paint in light strokes, slowly building coverage to avoid any drips to ruin all your hard work.



What you’ll need from Bunnings:

White Knight 300g Pearl White® Touch Up Spray Paint, $12

Disposable Dust Mask, $2.95

Selley’s 1L Sugar Soap, $4.70

Flexovit 180 Grit Painted Surfaces Sandpaper Roll, $2.30

Now you’ve got your materials give this tutorial a whirl and let me know how you go via Twitter @BossRenovations

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