Money saving solutions for your home renovation


According to Domain’s Top 10 Renovation Mistakes  “labour will cost about 33 per cent of the overall home renovation budget.” Ugh. If you’re like me and are on a tight budget. That ain’t gonna fly. Wanting to keep your labour costs to a minimum you’re going to want to read my top three money saving solutions for your home renovation.


This seems like a no-brainer but getting the job done yourself will be always be the best option for you to save money on your home renovation. Though I don’t overly enjoy it (or my partner :/) I’ve saved myself around $2000 painting a bedroom, the kitchen and bathroom.

So it’s time for you to put your big girl boots on and save some serious money on your home renovation! I’m here to support you every step of the way and there are plenty of YouTube tutorials and information on google to guide you. To DIY all you need to do is learn as MUCH as possible about the task at hand, practice the skills you’ve learnt and then giving it a red-hot-crack!


Things to consider with DIY are:  Your time and your skill set. Finding the time can often be difficult. You need to take into consideration buying materials, planning the job at hand, then balancing it with work, family and other commitments. I’ve found in the past working a 40 hour week and then doing home renovations on top of that has lead to burn out. Balance is key!

Also knowing what you’re good at but this can come into educating yourself and practising the work. For example I got a tiler in for the bathroom as I had about 9 metres square area of subway tiles to tile. As I had never tiled before I found that it was easier to hire a tradie in the first place than pay to fix a botched job.


Asking your friends and family if they themselves or if they know of anyone who could help out with your home renovation will be another great money saving solution. I have my partner Rick providing labour free of charge. Bless him. This connection then lead on to Rick’s Dad and Brother assisting me in rebuilding the bathroom supports and “shit hot!” floating wood vanity. Rick’s Dad then connected me with a plumber, Graham. And the connection go on.

You could even barter, exchanging your services for services which they provide you in your home renovation. Nothing weird. Just zoning in on what your niche is. Whether it be you’re tech-savy and can help design a website for their service or you have children of your own and know how nice it is to get out without the kids once and a while you could baby sit their children.


Things to consider when asking around are: Bottom line. Pissing people off. Don’t be afraid to ask but make sure you’re nurturing your relationship. Don’t have unrealistic expectations on the time frame that it is going to be completed. Remember the person is doing labour for your home renovation for a fraction of the price of in exchange for services. If your very luck for free.

Such as when my Mum offered her landscaping skills and she had to take a break no I’m not going to yell at her to get back on the job! As I have my partner helping me out with my home renovation. He works a labour intensive job and the last thing he wants to be doing is home renovations in his down time. Plan ahead, keep open communication and make sure you create balance and time for fun for your relationship and your family.


Some jobs are best left to the professionals in your home renovations so I’m here to guide you on finding the cheapest tradespeople for the job. It is best to get quotes from at least three different companies before locking in a tradie. You can compare the costs and make sure you get the best deal. Remember to ask plenty of questions and looks for hidden fees.

A great resource for taking out all the hard work for you is You type into their search engine what you need done and your post code, answer a few simple questions about your job and receive competitive quotes around your location. You’ll be able to contact the tradies and view their profile. Comparing quotes and reading review to connect with the right business. It took a lot of the ringing around out for me and Gets my thumbs up.


Things to consider in sourcing an affordable tradesperson: Not all home renovation jobs can be done DIY. Installing your own wiring and plumbing in your house is illegal and can be very dangerous. Your relationships with your tradesperson are everything. You want someone who is affordable but also has your best interest at heart.

I used a great website called onflare. Shop around a great resource for this is online site one flare. I compared quotes. I called a local electrician off google he was $4000. My electrician that I sourced on one flare was $1800 for the exact same job he was flexible, he was cheap.

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