7 free apps to keep your home reno budget on track

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Terrified about overspending on your home renovation?

It is only natural to feel this way. A lot of people often linger away from their initial ballpark figure they wished to spend on their home improvment. But this if often due to the renovator not having a budget in place to guide their spending.

Budgetting out your home renovation and keeping a track of your finances are crucial elements to avoid, selling your renovated house for a loss of profit and feeling the financial pinch.

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Track where your money is going girfriend. As you might be lurred in by th Zellige White Tile at $99.95 PER SQM. Threebirdrenovations used them in their latest reno (so they must be fab). But on second thought, my budget is only allowing me the Gloss White Rectified Tile at $14.95 per SQM so I’d better buy the latter.

Without futher ado, I’m providing you with 7 free apps you can use to manage your home renovation budget, and save you some, serious money.

1. Fudget

Steps you through how to use the app. This app is very easy to navigate your way around and keep track of your renovation budget.

I have to agree with them saying it’s “the budget planner you can actually use”

2. Wallet

Through this app you can easily control your spending and saving using the finance tracker.

You can also upload your loyalty and reward cards to make your wallet a little lighter.


3. Mint

I couldn’t find a navigational guide on this app. Shame Lorraine.

Though you can get alerts and schedule payments for bills. Could come in handy for paying for your trades.

4. Money Manager Expense & Budget

Not my favourite budgetting app. There seems to be a lot of bells and whistles which come with this app.

You can keep all your budgetting infomation safe with a passcode.

5. Pocketbook Easy Budget Planner

The design is swanky.  There is a lot of pink, which is great!

You can also synchronize with Australian Banks. So no more manual expense entry.


6. PocketGuard

This app knows what it is safe to spend. It is the best to keep you from overspending on your home reno.

It does all the hard work for you automatically building you a personalized budget based on your income, bills and goals you set.

7. Wally

I’m saving the best till last.

Wally lets you keep track of the details as you spend money: where, when, what, why, & how much.

And I love how you can take photos of receipts and store them on the app. (Handy for if you have to return purchases)

Let me know below what is your fav budgetting app?

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