How to add a whopping $75,668 to your property value


Listen up Aussie home owners! A natural lawn is exactly what you need in your life right now because it’s the key to sky rocket the value of your property up to $75,668. I never knew the value of having a good-looking lawn but after hearing this figure, I went straight down to Bunnings to buy a pitchfork and start showing my lawn some love.

I then found that you’ll be able to start reaping the benefits of your ‘lush’ lawn straight away. You’ll be able to entertain, relax and have a jolly good time on your lawn and its surroundings. I for one am looking forward to doing pilates on my revived lawn, knowing that the cushioning will break my fall whilst in the bird dog position.


Now you’re all riled up about ‘reincarnating’ your lawn, I’ll tell you how to bring your lawn to life:


  1. Pop on your gardening gloves and pluck out any visible weeds.
  2. Poke holes into your lawn with a pitch fork.
  3. Spread lawn seed in bare patches.
  4. Chuck out some lawn fertiliser.
  5. Turn your sprinkler on and give your lawn a water.

What you’ll need from Bunnings:

Saxon Garden Fork Timber D-Handle, $9.98

Hortex Explorer Latex Garden Gloves, $3.313

Hortico 500g Tough and Drought Hardy Lawn Seed, $8.05

Hortico 8kg All Lawn Fertiliser, $26.98

Now you’re all set to start watching your lawn, and property value grow! We want to keep the grass greener where you live so comment below with any lawn care questions you may have.


  1. Oh, you’ve inspired me to get out this weekend and give my lawn some loving! Who would’ve thought it was worth so much?

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