How to decorate your home; Brooklyn, New York style


Social worker, Tiina’s apartment is the perfect example of how to decorate your home: Brooklyn, New York style. Yet she goes one better, Tiina literally lives and breathes Brooklyn each day with her husband Danny and their two cats.


Tiina is a master of the Brooklyn, New York style; lets call her a styling sensei! She’s earnt this title through her statement lighting choices, her use of dramatic paint colour and her assembly of an iconic built-in home library. Snaps for Tiina!


Lest us forget that Tiina and Danny’s Brooklyn apartment hasn’t always been the pinnacle of Brooklyn, New York style. At the end of 2016 the couple purchased the property, understanding that it would need a complete overhaul!

But Tiina and Dany came out swinging! They’ve recently finished their home renovation and have used the Brooklyn design element of scale, to trick you to make this one bedroom apartment feel larger than it really is.


When I asked Tiina how she acheives her eccentric Brooklyn Style she said that she’s “not tied to any specific period but likes a mix of old and new pieces of home decor”.


Additionally, around every corner in Tiina and Danny’s Brooklyn apartment there is a unique piece of art. They are firm believers that the more bizarre the artwork the better!


Undoubtedly Tiina’s favourite spot in the home is the eat in nook in the kitchen. Tiina explained that it’s rare to find such a nook in New York City and the dual windows allow for lots of natural light.


Tiina leaves us with a recommendation to acheieve Brooklyn, New York style “don’t be afraid to mix old and new decor and make bold decisions with paint. It’s the easiest thing to swap around”.

What do you think is this Brooklyn, New York style for you?


  1. This style is something the me and my husband would really love. I love how cozy the style. Perfect since we are planning to have a home remodeling before the holiday.

  2. Very much love the look of the apartment. It’s always a wonderful base to have those nice wooden floors and molding around windows and other accents. I lived in Brooklyn for 14 years and I’d love to move right back and decorate my own place again, too. Lots of great inspirations this apartment!

    • Thankyou for the kind comment Luci. I’m happy it’s brought back some nostalgia for you! Be sure to subscribe for more home tours to come 😃

  3. even though i’ve never been to brooklyn, i definitely get the whole brooklyn vibes (just from what ive seen in the movies haha) definitely noting some ideas!

    • Yes! I haven’t either but it’s on my to see list. Make sure you pin those ideas for future reference 😀

  4. Wow! I love all the spaces! You decorated so beautifully! That breast pillow is awesome but my husband would never go for it haha

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