A scandi-style home with a white, pink and grey colour palette


Scrolling through my Instagram feed this home’s interior instantly caught my eye! It felt like I was stepping inside this Wellington, New Zealand home and I could feel the warmth and love surrounding me. So I wanted to share with you this exceptional scandi-style home and white, pink and grey colour palette. Hoping to arouse some similar feelings.


I was fortunate enough to get to know the woman behind the lens a little better. Her name is Candace and through chatting to her, I could see how her personality is shining through her home’s styling. I could almost hear her heart sing as she talked about her “two beautiful children and gorgeous hubby who rarely complains about her spending habits!”


As we continued chatting I found that Candace is a Project Coordinator who just can’t get enough of interior design and decor. Candace busily gathers up her home inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, as she loves looking at other people’s styling and beautiful homes.

“Modern and crisp” is how Candace describes her home’s style. Which is complimented by the natural Wellington light pouring throughout the house. You can also view the underlying love for the colours white, pink and grey which Candace has flowing throughout the house.




Candace touches on that her favourite part of the home, is the kitchen. It’s the heart of her home and where her and her family spend a lot of time, especially when entertaining. You can see above that the kitchen really hones in on Candace’s scandi-style with its clean lines and simple white finishes.

I can’t thank Candace enough for showing me around her breath-taking scandi-style home and taking the time to chat. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling inspired to decorate! I would love to hear from you in the comments below.


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