5 tricks to “adorn” your space like a designer…

Today’s guest post contributor is Augi Grasis. Augis’ kind of a big deal, she’s studied architecture at university and now practices interior architecture commercially! And to top it all off, she’s recently become a NCIDQ certified interior designer! You’ll find Augi is the face behind the blog www.iviihome.com where each week she posts a new curation along with links to where you can find the featured items. 

I’m so thankful that I got to meet Augi and for her to take the time to share her wealth of knowledge in all things interior! I know I’ll be putting her styling tricks to good use when my home renovation is complete – as I’ll be wanting to style my home to get the best possible price and a quicker sale on the housing market!


Hey Boss girls!

I am so happy to be writing to you all the way from Kansas City, MO! You have a great fearless leader for all things renovation (I’m inspired!) and I hope to supplement the great foundation she has with this article.

A little background on me…. My name is Augi (short for August IV) and I studied architecture in university and now practice interior architecture commercially.  This year I became a NCIDQ certified interior designer!  I am new to blogging, but am loving every second of it now that I have jumped in with both feet.

I know that many of you are working HARD on your home renovations and I so commend you on that—that kind of project is NO JOKE! So today, let’s talk about the end of the road—how to add that extra layer of texture to make your house feel like yours. I am going to share 5 “tricks” I have found make all the difference when it comes to curating your newly finished house!


The first thing you must do is start collecting books! Why? First, they add such great color to any space. Second, they add depth not only to bookshelves, but to coffee tables or console tables. Also, you can use them to elevate other trinkets, whether they be clocks, vases or artwork. Pro-tip: stack the books in different directions to create interest and fill different size spaces. Also remember, there is no reason they have to be stacked biggest to smallest: slight size variation adds character.

You may be asking… How do you select the books? To start, start a collection of books you really love! I am always asking people for recommendations on books I should read about business, design, style including great fiction reads!   It’s a wonderful idea to curate some keepsake coffee table books by some of the most inspiring people you love  (Kate Spade, Frank Lloyd Wright; something that has meaning to you) The collection process of these meaningful books will last a lifetime so it is also good to keep your eye out at thrift stores, second-hand bookstores or even on amazon for great colors and spines of books to fill in the rest. In this case, go ahead and judge the book by its cover!



When grouping lamps, books and other objects; placing them can be the hardest part. While sometimes symmetry can be king, don’t be afraid to play with asymmetry! For example, if you have a piece of art that’s hanging on the wall above a console table, think about “framing” that piece with a lamp on one side grouped with some smaller trinkets and a medium sized piece on the other side to balance out the composition. It helps to take yourself back to childhood art class and consider the rule of thirds : imagine you are dividing the available space in three, then place items on the dividing marks, rather than centering. When it comes to height, mix the heights of objects to achieve a layered look.



Nooks are my favorite part of a home… find yours! Whether built-in or created with furniture, they create moments of interest throughout your space. As you start planning your décor, think about where these highlights can appear. From there, each nook should have a great focal point. Bonus: think about how the light could affect the feeling the space. Do you have a piece of art that should be dramatically lit? Is there a corner that begs for a great lamp?



This can create a tremendous difference…. I hardly EVER turn my overhead lights on. Invest in some interesting lamps and use those instead. You will be amazed how much cozier and inviting a space feels when the light is diffused and placed throughout your spaces. Don’t forget that lamp shades come in all different colors which makes light react differently (this is also a great way to refresh those old lamps). When opaque, light comes from the top and bottom, when translucent, you get the additional glow through the shade.


Pattern and color are a great way to liven up a space. While it might make you nervous to use them in more permanent fixtures like paint or carpet, consider color in a piece of furniture or artwork.  Everything does NOT have to match.  Use color to complement, this is the trick to creating an elevated palette. For example, pick up that pop of turquoise within that painting by choosing a turquoise pillow, but avoid trying to make everything in the room turquoise. If you’re feeling bold and want to try mixing patterns, vary the scale of the pattern. Using this technique, you create a hierarchy and the patterns won’t fight.


These tips will give you a start in dreaming about how to fill that house on which you have worked SO hard. I’d love to hear how they work out or, even better, see pictures, of how you tried these tricks (Tag me on Instagram @IVii_home)!

One last thing…I am creating a special offer just to Laura’s readers! Subscribe to my blog with the code BOSS and I will do a drawing for a free Skype design consultation! This includes a one hour skype call with me, plus a curated collection made JUST for your new house that I’ll share on my blog!

Can’t wait to see your new spaces!

-Augi at IVii Home

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