My love/hate relationship with Bunnings

It started out like all good relationship do. Long walks on the beach, hand in hand, immersed in deep, meaningful conversation. Although these walks were down many aisles of hardware, and I was hand and hand trying to manoeuvre an oversized trolley and these ‘deep and meaningful conversations’ were more so me running around after the sales clerks trying to get their expertise on which product to choose.

All in all things started out pretty great between me and Bunnings. It was a super convenient relationship for me to pursue being that Bunnings was only a short drive (1.5kms) from my house. So, I could grab my keys, jump in the car and get my fix whenever my heart desired. And Bunnings would always welcome me with its lowest prices guarantee.

Come to think of it at the beginning of my home renovation, I’d suddenly find myself entering the external feature doors at Bunnings Warehouse two to three times a week! Sometimes just for a touch of inspiration. So, you could say we were going steady. My plumber at the time reassured me that it was a sure thing between me and Bunnings as “I wouldn’t get prices cheaper anywhere else!” Which allowed me to rest easy knowing that I had found the real deal.

Bunnings was also understanding that I was bringing my little boy from my previous relationship into our union. My corgi, Rio. If you’re not yet aware of this, you can literally take your dog to Bunnings providing they fit inside a trolley and they’ll love your pooch as if it were they’re own. Rio thoroughly enjoys his trips to Bunnings and all the extra attention, fuss and pats he receives.

For those first couple of months Bunnings and I were in our own little land of love. Until the fog from the honey moon phase started to clear. Things which I’d never noticed before started to bug me, like really bug me.

It started with the sales assistants. Often when I tried to approach sales assistants, I could literally see them running in the opposite direction or pretending to be so engrossed in stocking products they’d say something along the lines of “Oh! I didn’t see you there”.

Then came the long waiting times at the sales kiosk on weekends. Where minutes seemed like hours.

Then there was that occasion I had selected a shower to purchase via their website and called ahead to see if Bunnings had it in stock. Only for me to arrive at the store and find the shower had been misidentified. Why Bunnings! For those of you at home, in home renovation world this is the equivalent of getting all dressed up for a date only for them to ring and cancel at the last minute.

Bunnings, I know we’ve both said some things, done some things but a relationship is two unperfect people refusing to give up on each other. And in all honesty no one cooks a Sunday snag quite like you do and being a girl who hardly ever has coins on her it’s rare to find a retailer whose trolleys aren’t gold coin operated. So Bunnings, here’s to making many more memories together!

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