Easy and cheap garage door makeover


So I’ve had my Ozito Spray Gun for a little while now but have been waiting for a fine weekend which isn’t a hundred and sixty degrees and isn’t raining to give it a whirl. Ladies and gentleman this weekend was the weekend!

I ended up purchasing the Ozito Spray Gun from Bunnings as opposed to hiring one out as it was good value for money at $41.91 and I could spray as little or as much as my heart desired when it suited me. Then there were no time restraints.

The grand total of this project came to $125.75 and I walk away with a garage door which looks brand spanking new and a spray gun which I’ll use for many more projects around the home.

Personally I’ve never used a paint spray gun before but I found the process super easy to master and I’m more than happy to step you through how I took my garage door from boring beige to bang on trend!


  1. You will need to protect your flooring so roll up your garage door and slide some drop sheets between either side of the garage door. Then lower to the ground.
  2. Thoroughly scrub your entire garage door with a cloth and a mix of sugar soap and water. *Sugar soap should not be underestimated it is a powerful liquid cleaner which will remove all grease, grime and dirt from the surface.
  3. When dry apply your newspaper and painters tape to any surface’s nearby you don’t want the paint to reach. Better to be safe than sorry in this case!
  4. Now it’s time to set up your Ozito Power Paint Spray Gun. Carefully follow the manual to assemble the spray gun, then read the viscosity instructions. The viscosity instructions will tell you how much water to add to your water based paint to liquify it for use. I’ve attached a YouTube video below to further explain this process.
  5. When you’re plugged into your power outlet you’re ready to start spraying your garage. Work with the lines of your garage to whether to spray vertically or horizontally. The nozzle on your spray gun can also be adjusted accordingly.

What you’ll need from Bunnings:

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