It’s time to say goodbye

I’m deeply saddened to announce that the chapter of my life which was Boss Girl Renovations is coming to an end as of this post. Emotions and certainly running high but it’s also a time to celebrate all that I’ve gained and learnt through the past nine months of creating and watching my blog grow into more than I ever thought possible!

I want to explain to my loyal readers why I’ve made the decision to stop writing and to just let Boss Girl Renovations be an archive where you can still read and reference when need be.

Firstly, I’d like to touch on that I’ve recently undergone a lot of intense personal development work and have rediscovered what my true calling in life is. Unfortunately, it’s not home renovation, and it’s not writing. I know in my heart it’s music, I’m just yet to venture down that path to see where it takes me due to fear of failing. But I’m ready to start putting my energy towards what I was put on this earth to do.  

Secondly, I want to keep Boss Girl Renovations website live because I have literally put my heart and soul into its creation and feel that shutting it down wouldn’t be aligning with my values. I know that there’s some extremely valuable content within my blog, as no one else’s experience of renovating a home can be quite the same as my experience and I want to continue to be of service to my readers.

I also want to say how grateful I am for this experience and knowledge I have gained through website design, content creation and marketing throughout the past 9 months. Boss Girl Renovations gave me such purpose, light and joy knowing that I was helping others.

But the thing which trumps all of that is the friendship and connections I’ve made through Boss Girl Renovations and I’d love to stay in touch with each and every one of you via my personal Instagram account @lauraacusack or via my personal E-mail account So please reach out.

Thankyou and thankyou again for being on this journey of Boss Girl Renovations with me and I hope to see you all again in the future.

Love Laura xx

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