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Hi! My name’s Laura and I’m the founder of Boss Girl Renovations, which gives you the latest in home DIY projects, renovation advice and insta-worthy home tours. On the blog I share regular inspiration and tips for renovating, styling and  home DIY projects such as how to deccorate your home: Brooklyn, New York stylewhat you need to know about your lawn and 10 cheap home improvements which will make your home look more expensive.

I’m currently renovating my 1950’s weatherboard with my partner Rick, on a tight budget of $15,000. Meaning that we’re heavily relying on rolling up our sleeves, and doing things ourselves! Rick and I are first-time home renovators and certainly have our work cut out for us with the countless cracks in the walls, patterned lino running through the living areas and outdated fixtures in every room. So you can rest assured that all renovation advice from Boss Girl Renovations has been tried-and-tested by yours truly.

You may ask why Boss ‘Girl’ Renovations? Isn’t Rick helping with this said home renovation? And yes, I’m incredibly lucky to have met this outstanding man and he’s an integral part of the team at BGR, where we share the home reno labour 50/50. I like to say it’s a labour of love.

But initially I solely purchased the house to fix and flip, hence the boss girl reference. I wanted the name of my blog to be fun, female-friendly and to inspire women from all walks of life, to try their hand at home DIYS. Because if I can do it, you sure as hell can too!

Lastly I love, love, love my Boss Girl Renovators! And want you to use Boss Girl Renovations as an interactive support network. Don’t be afraid to comment, direct message or share any queries you may have or let us know what you’re working on. Whether it’s big or small, we’d love to hear from you!

 ♡ Laura

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