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How to decorate your home Brooklyn, New York style

By Laura Cusack (20/10/18)


Tiina literally lives and breathes Brooklyn each day with her husband Danny and their two cats. Tiina is a master of the Brooklyn, New York style; lets call her a styling sensei! She’s earnt this title through her statement lighting choices, her use of dramatic paint colour and her assembly of an iconic built-in home library. Snaps for Tiina! Read on:

A bohemian home which parades the art of upcycling

By Laura Cusack (17/09/18)

la boheme

This home is the essence of bohemian style and shows us how to free our inner artist, traveler, hippie and decorate our home in a style which is authentic to our soul’s yearnings. This isn’t home owner, Dulcineia’s first rodeo. In 1988 she purchased and renovated her first home where people were in-awe of her chaotic yet visually cohesive sense of style. Read on: